2001 Grey Honda Odyssey, you served us well…


After a long healthy life of companionship with my family across the country, old faithful is ending her days. Big Booty Judy has cut out on the freeway, highway, and now town street. Unfortunately, I need a more consistent form of transportation for work and resource gathering, and she can’t take much more cap’n.

Last year and the year before she has had a lot of work done on her, and now this has been so much within the last two months, I don’t think it’s taking any more. Salutations to you, old girl. Here’s one of your finer shots during these times.

old flex

Not sure what the plan is, but for now: my trusty steed, my silver bicycle. And the county bus, of course. I’ll miss her comfort so much, a good part of my life was spent me feeling safe in her cabin. Thank you.


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