a Hard August

I wish it were more tender, like how softly the smoke has covered us all in WA.

Amidst family, personal, and political upset and unrest, there has been some artistic progress. Mostly… project planning skeletons. Scheduling for an approximate ending date will take place over the course of August, and I hope to launch either my short zine work or my fantasy production in late September.

Until then, I’m just building this website and slowly migrating my portfolio through to the digital realm! It’s been hard to pick through the leavings of 5 years of college, and some high school. It’s still a mess in the studio, and what with new housemates its been a bit slow in sorting through the stuff.

In addition, all YouTube plans are on hold! Rendering requires RAM and CPU power and all sorts of things this little old laptop doesn’t have. Come fall tech rollover, I’m seeing about an updated computer rig. Hooray multiple layers!

Regardless of the limitations and the scary and upsetting climates, I’m doing my best. Drafting and rendering more web reagents today, and tomorrow is more portfolio compiling. It’ll be good to have more stuff viewable up here!

Let’s see where the rest of this month takes us.
Much love,

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