Arcanum Arts is the name of works created by and in tandem with Mika F., sometimes in collaboration with others, sometimes as a solo project. A studio title, the Arcanum is a place of hidden forces that come together during the artistic practice. Inspiration comes from living life outside of making art, and great deeds take that inspiration and put it through its paces.

heyMika F. is the progenitor of the studio and host of this website. Bachelor of the [Liberal] Arts, they find it hard to concentrate on one thing at a time, unless it is cartoons. World Traveled and Washington grown, built to last and forever plasmatic. 

An illustrator since forever, my growth as an artist spawned from reading comics and watching cartoons as a kid. Fairly sheltered but privileged enough to travel, I have accessed a lot of the world and people through their art. Music, drawing, stories, everything we attempt and create is a product and calling card of our own desires and journey.

I love storytelling. Whichever art form or medium I happen to be working in I want it to have a hidden story in it, with characters that have lives of their own. Standalone or animated, bringing personality, idea, speculation, and action to life is my passion in art.