a Cold Winter

Hello. Slow moves in the art world. Mostly been living week to week and working day-job. This may be a trend. This may last for another year. I dunno, it’s been exhausting living the way I have and I need… Continue Reading →

In it for the long haul.

Aug -> Sept was very very harsh. Oct -> Nov was ridiculous and healing. It is December, and the fall dive is evening out. My instagram has most of my recent work, and this site is still in various shades… Continue Reading →

Employed — and overwhelmed

Oh jeez I’m just going to call this one a Moment in Life, One of Those Times. Personal and ridiculous matters. Things like hard life happenings, not sure how else to describe them. But they are natural and fairly well… Continue Reading →

The Garden

While my porch garden has been somewhat of a neglectful experiment on my part, the Pea Patch garden plot my partner and I are working on has been THRIVING. I am so excited for the corn to grow up tall!… Continue Reading →

weekending the sketchbook

Up in Seattle at the parents, although it’s been mostly myself today. Some open contemplating with all this social space. Payroll foraging has yielded a couple of interviews and no call backs, but the momentum is still there. Thank goodness… Continue Reading →


… is 80% hope. Which is still a lot. That’s every 4 out of five steps you take. As you can see, I took a bit of a break updating through April and May. Downcycles will do that. Losing a… Continue Reading →

dinner tonight?

It is May, and with it we have secured Spring. Ah! Gardening has begun! I have never been in charge of a successful operation, just threw some seeds or plants into some dirt and observed the results. Now, I have… Continue Reading →

…job changing, projects continuing.

this happens. yesterday my boss brought me to the office when i walked in for morning shift and regretfully told me i was let off the schedule indefinitely, and that the company couldn’t keep me on. he is going to… Continue Reading →

SO much mucus! It’s a lot to handle. I’m just at the tail end of this nasty bug season. It lasted the whole winter, it was incredible. Updates. New car stick-shift is under control, but not before I took it… Continue Reading →

Car is Actually Okay – and such

Wow, what can I say except: better than expected. I thought she was a goner for sure. I thought she was just old to the point where she couldn’t take any more repairs. But she’s running and it’s fantastic! Turns… Continue Reading →

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