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Greetings and ghoulish grandeur to you all. I hope fall has laid itself gently on your kind faces.

I have been up to a couple things, and I will update them as I can in the following week. For now, here they are in summary, and each will get filled out in time!

Birthday Bash and BC trip

I had a great birthday party with friends from school, former room mates, people I hadn’t seen in a long time, and we made home made pizzas! Personal Pizza Parties are a great thing, everyone gets to make choices and I love working with other people in a kitchen. All in all it was a grand time. I miss many of those people so much, it was so good to hear from all of you!

I also visited my chef friend in Vancouver B.C. Canada! It was good to see them again, since they don’t often have time for guest visits. My partner and I ate their delicious home made curry, went to the Museum of Anthropology at UBC, and toured around the waterfront. I loved the Multiversity Galleries with thousands on thousands of shelves and cases full of artifacts and objects showcasing the stories of so many cultures. The great hall itself was so impressive with its giant totem and wood artifact collections, modern and ancient. The Amazonia Rights of Nature exhibit was also profound by delving into the colonial history of cultural genocide that occurred and still persists in many South American countries. The waterfront was different than many I had experienced before, very new, very crisp. It was good to see float plains and the ‘dinosaur cranes’ near the shipping areas; they reminded me of Seattle.

Even though I probably spent too much money, I don’t regret it. It was well worth it to keep connections alive, explore more of the world, and learn about history. I get so anxious during trips outside of my state, but everything goes just about fine. Last time I lost my gas cap when I came back, but that’s about it. 

Health and Recovery

My arm and wrist are still resting. Nobody told me until I watched others go through this pain that carpal tunnel syndrome is a syndrome of full arm and shoulder girdle tension. My upper girdle right side is the tightest on my body, and my pectoral muscles (specifically minor), levator scapule, rhomboid major and minor, and entire clavicular portion of my pecs in my armpit are soooooo tight, that often it does not matter how much I use my hand if I still have the thing that connects my hand to my body be so tight and abused. Posture correction saves your carpal tunnel.

My current goal is developing the back muscles that all of us desk generation and computer generation have atrophied. Simply sitting upright for an hour without back rest of ones own strength becomes painful. clearly, exercise in support is needed. I have a wonderful neuromuscular massage therapist who always does great work. It is up to me to do the rest. If anyone in Olympia needs someone, message me and I’ll refer you. Along with body cleaning and rearrangement, my room and workspace is getting slowly more organized as well. settling in to a space takes focus and apparently 2 years, aha. Then again, I’m still young and learning how to create my own space in the world; of course I would take some time with my own space just in my bedroom and house. I’m still frustrated about my arm, but letting it rest and relearning to do regular tasks healthily is necessary before I do more intense work on it. 

Employment Hunting

Job offers have been sparse but responsive. A manager recognized me from my last application drop off, another interviewed me but didn’t call back after they said they would (later I found out the place is NOT a good work environment at all), I passed a round of tests for another opportunity, and another place called me back and asked for references. It’s going alright, but I need to keep popping my head in places. I keep forgetting to ‘go in again,’ or I rationalize it away with a ‘I’m not dressed to impress enough’ thought. Which really, Olympia is not a town to be overly concerned with that, you just need to be fresh washed and not ragged. You need to look like you care.

Inktober 2017 – keeping the streak up

Well, I managed a good handful of days before my arm finally had enough. I could do make up work easily after the 25th, but I made the decision to treat my body’s health with higher priority than an arbitrary goal. My Instagram is full of the most recent ones, since these are quick and small. (I should find a proper place for my IG stream here on my site, it’s kinda pushed to the side right now.) I love love love ink and this is my favorite daily streak challenge. All the fall ones (Sketchtember, Inktober, and NaNoWriMo) are such good fun and great for when the weather turns us inside again for the year. I hope to get back to it again once I handle my poor armpit and shoulder!! 

And dear family and friends finding my website for the first time: welcome! 

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