Car is Actually Okay – and such

Wow, what can I say except: better than expected. I thought she was a goner for sure. I thought she was just old to the point where she couldn’t take any more repairs. But she’s running and it’s fantastic! Turns out when the major ground wire from your battery to your engine is frayed a lot of things seem worse than they actually are. Big Booty Judy is doing fine, and I’m back in business. For at least, Winter transport.

All that said,  it’s a matter of planning weekends. This one, I’m going to test the car and see family in Seattle! And hopefully be back on Sunday, in time to get a full day of rest for the week.

Goals this upcoming next week:

Set Up and Save for Projects

Poster Series

Project Box

Artist Statement

Tasks, Goals, Timeline

Conventions – Vancoufur, and any camping conventions



Retreats – location is key here. Studying the ecosystem, AND hardcore writing.


Artist Statements

Progress on Ref. Sheets

Bitters – Overdue, IKC

Cedarcat – Overdue, IKC

Arcanum – new

Strips Cleaned and Worked

“Move In”

“Notice Board”

Sauna/Pool/Aerobics 1ce a week.

Oh god its so good every time you exercise and feel good afterwords, just remember the bliss and chase the healthy feeling of being empty enough to carry yourself anywhere!!!


Maybe I’ll put up spotlights on stuff I feel good about or cool things I find here. It would be really really good to actually process all of the art and texts I see, to talk about them and actually digest them. There are so many cool things that just come every day, the must be curated! And they must be shared!

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