Cool Cool Cool Cool – Winter December

Hey, I’m alive! And working on my plans! Baby steps!

All hail winter’s grip! Saturnalia is past! It’s cold. I’ve got a job (retail) and I’ve got budget plans (scooter, computer, travel). Projects are getting squozen in, like fresh juice. Feel’s pulpy.

I really need to update more. Maybe just a little every day. It would keep people in the loop more, and also help me check in.

In terms of art, I’m doodling, sketching, writing, and doing small gifts for close friends. The season card is one of those things! I’m happy with it. Music is slow but full of practicing, and dance is… hahaaaaaahahahaha. I need to get back into the workout routine. Then, some choreography..? Maybe with animation in the background…..! 😀 High hopes. For now, comics. Comics and illustration and doodles.

Season’s Greetings! I sent out an email to relations on the day before and day of, but for everyone else and for the rest of the season: Enjoy!


In other news, any feedback on the Currents Social accounts on the site here? You can see a bunch of posts at any given time, but how’s the layout?

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