dinner tonight?

It is May, and with it we have secured Spring. Ah! Gardening has begun! I have never been in charge of a successful operation, just threw some seeds or plants into some dirt and observed the results. Now, I have… Continue Reading →

…job changing, projects continuing.

this happens. yesterday my boss brought me to the office when i walked in for morning shift and regretfully told me i was let off the schedule indefinitely, and that the company couldn’t keep me on. he is going to… Continue Reading →

SO much mucus! It’s a lot to handle. I’m just at the tail end of this nasty bug season. It lasted the whole winter, it was incredible. Updates. New car stick-shift is under control, but not before I took it… Continue Reading →

Car is Actually Okay – and such

Wow, what can I say except: better than expected. I thought she was a goner for sure. I thought she was just old to the point where she couldn’t take any more repairs. But she’s running and it’s fantastic! Turns… Continue Reading →

How do you get motivated on the first day of the week? Either a guarded sacred moment or an exasperating reminder of mortality, the Monday is an interesting invention that I don’t necessarily prescribe to. But if the week must… Continue Reading →

2001 Grey Honda Odyssey, you served us well…

[DISTANT MOURNFUL BAGPIPE SOLO] After a long healthy life of companionship with my family across the country, old faithful is ending her days. Big Booty Judy has cut out on the freeway, highway, and now town street. Unfortunately, I need… Continue Reading →

Days and Dollars – fur20

I managed to edit and finish up a comic strip the other day before work, but I ran into pipeline issues. Gotta make that shift tho! Priorities. Little by little, it’s working. The strip comic is coming up soon!!! Readers… Continue Reading →

The Car’s Last Legs… Taking Priority

dear Readers, It is with great sadness that I write to you today about the beginning of Big Booty Judy’s retirement from service to my family, loyal horse of the utmost esteem and performance until about two to four years… Continue Reading →

January – the fog, settling in, and IKEA

liquid crystal air Olympia is beautiful in the winter. Rain storms occasionally come through, but most of what we get here is cloud and fog. It provides this cozy comfort that encapsulates you. It can be a little quiet sometimes,… Continue Reading →

Woo!! Jumping out of my skin!

Hey all! It’s January! It’s been cold, but not as cold as November was, for some reason. Maybe that means camping! Yeah right. Regardless: the thaw is real, and I feel it in my soul. Life is looking up. Progress… Continue Reading →

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