Employed — and overwhelmed

Oh jeez I’m just going to call this one a Moment in Life, One of Those Times.

Personal and ridiculous matters. Things like hard life happenings, not sure how else to describe them. But they are natural and fairly well known hardships to go through. A family death and a car accident are not conducive to work. Everything has settled for the most part, Finally.  But I have just been hired as of July 23rd. Training week, first week, second week, with the car @#$% in between. All is well everyone is physically alright, and the car has been fixed and insurance coverage works well.

This also hasn’t stopped my art, but reductive speed and space for a while makes it mostly sketch and draft work. There is one project opening up however. Poster series! Banners of… You’ll find out.

My Instagram has these recent works.

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