January – the fog, settling in, and IKEA

liquid crystal air

Olympia is beautiful in the winter. Rain storms occasionally come through, but most of what we get here is cloud and fog. It provides this cozy comfort that encapsulates you. It can be a little quiet sometimes, which to be honest is very very very nice. Coming up and down to Seattle after December has been wonderful, it is so much less drastic on my body and mental health! Now that the car is fixed up too. For now…

Sketching is going well, in visual art and in music. But now I need to get a repertoire, a musical portfolio. Something I can just play when there’s a free instrument or if… perhaps the situation calls for it. I am a bard, after all. Piano, guitar, bass, as well as singing, I think? :3 I really want to do violin to but thats… that requires a regiment.

There’s not too much else going on with creating things except OH THAT’S RIGHT: I’m launching a comic in February. Monday weekly strips of contemplative stoner silliness are headed your way. I’ll probably talk about updates as the happen and then teeter off and leave it to social media to put out notifications.

I need organization units. I have commission work left to do, small things, that require streamlined work environment. My solution: those classic IKEA square grids. I just need em! No biggie about it, for clothes as well as art tools. Too versatile to pass up! I’ve been budgeting with parents and room mates and partner and things are, how is it said, coalescing…! Exciting. The nearest IKEA is in Renton though, and I don’t like Rentonnnnnnnn… I will make sacrifices!


Aaaaand I burned my gravy stock for lunch harumph! Chores almost done, shift in the afternoon… All that is left is to shower and shimmy up. Hope your weeks go well!


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