…job changing, projects continuing.

this happens.

yesterday my boss brought me to the office when i walked in for morning shift and regretfully told me i was let off the schedule indefinitely, and that the company couldn’t keep me on. he is going to give me recommendations and/or references, and we are not parting on bad terms.


i took yesterday to just deal with the news and i napped for hours and had frozen oven dinner. i’m trying not to take it personally, and look for opportunities in the future.

i’m opening for commissions come Wednesday. animation, sketch, storyboard, scriptwriting, editing, any service i have to offer. i’ll be updating my portfolio and my streaming schedule. expect to see more art from me! i’m going to make the most of this. this is the first job i have lost, and it was a very good job, with chill relaxing environment and coworkers and attitude and direction.

i’m going to look for the opportunities that i can around here. i am supported and not in danger and i just… have some injured feelings.

catch you later, spacebeans

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