Mid August Management

Greetings! Bits and Pieces of everything are coming together here and there.

Craft zone has been set-up and will be organized this coming week!

The sewing machine is fixed and manual dogeared for reference. Drawers are being culled of junk and designated! Shelves… still have stuff stacked on them. Next steps: supplies settled, projects outlined, and beginning the first one I have lined up!

Digital art is slowly creeping up.

Same overdue work being chugged on, maybe once a week I try something out to warm up or experiment digitally. I’m also getting my digitization legs back, taking my time with transferring all the analog work over to digital and web-friendly stuff. Next steps: a regular daily practice routine with the tablet!

Traditional art is lacking…

To be honest, I feel like if I drew more I would engage with more of the details of the world around me. But my plan to go out on walks with a small sketchpad to warm up the eyes and wrist is an infrequent plan at best… Occasional character illustrations and textural line play only go so far. I did make a small papercraft artwork to use up some materials lying around, but besides that my sketchbook is pretty barren. The work I really need to practice is my scenes, the setting elements. Not just backgrounds, but being able to draft and view the different planes across the image. Think of Bob Ross just… making a mountain out in the middle of the sky. Like it makes sense. Then pulling in the sides of whatever idyllic lake he’s got going on. Anywhoo, I need to grab another organization divider from relatives in Seattle to put my art supplies in, because right now my bedroom is cramped by the current divider I have. It’s a little more conducive to pulling out the supplies than the last couple years in college but truly, this thing is makeshift. Next step: make every supply have a place where it is “ready to go!” when I sit down at the desk.

I… haven’t written anything… about my fantasy or sci-fi projects or anything in a while.

I should go throw some thoughts into some folders here this week… I’ve got some various arrangements and story planning to address. Gotta figure out what program to write and arrange them in, too. I mean, I do have physical folders, that would work too… But I also have Celtx. Depends on what allows me to visualize the story better. Next step: revisit the current state of the story and reflect on where to go next.


My diploma came in the mail! I’m an OFFICIAL Bachelor of the Arts now. Bachelbachelbachelbachel…. bachelbachel….. bachel!

Partner is still babysitting up in Seattle during the weekdays, and I’m super lonely! Wahhhhhh! But it is for the best. As a couple with no kids, who’s generation has plenty of parents already, both of us feel the deep need to perform the alloparenting duty. Especially when there’s nobody else to do so.

Friends! It has been ages! I have been studying and now I am free! Too free! I need a job! While that is in the process, please! How are you? Where have you been? All previous peers, classmates, cohorts, and acquaintances: would you like a visitor? Need a break from your usual weekend location? I have the intense urge to… Catch Up Over Tea. So much has happened and I’ve been wondering about so many people over the course of college. Especially in the last couple years with all sorts of crazy personal stuff happening and my own efforts to zoom in the focus on my goal, I’ve lost touch with a lot of people I care about. I’d like to rectify that. 🙂

Holy smokes, people are getting married, going abroad, living abroad, exploring topics, going to work, becoming part of teams, and all-around succeeding. And there’s plenty of people who just made it out and are easing into supporting themselves in the everyday. Doesn’t matter which one you are, so many different things happen to us each day that add up to something. Honestly it’s really good to see someone still breathing, too. Just being a simple example of a good person no matter what you can do helps.

In Other News: stay safe and fight the Nazis.

Salutations, Sailors,

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