Middle of the Fall, Beginning to Get Settled

It’s warm. The cool breezes in the morning fade with the fog at around 10, and the sun presses down.

Routine is coming through. Getting up, feeding fish, taking pills, and feeding myself. Going on a morning walk to move helps me wake up all the way. I still have yet to put art and creation into this. My calendar is all organized to give me reminders on the days I want to work on, but I have yet to match it. That’s okay, it’s going to take a while.

Art and such:
I did do some digital ink work the past Friday that was emotionally hard, especially with my drivers and programs not working completely smoothly. I don’t know why that is. Traditional art is still easier for me; I also did a bit of that! It’s on the Instagram and weekly featured ones I like on my Twitter. Besides this, I haven’t worked on much creating in while. Oh… except drafting a song on guitar slowly! It’s been small bits over time, but I really enjoy finding progress and re-remembering just how music works. Sketching happens occasionally but still not frequently enough. And now… I’m behind my NaNoWriMo… *laughs* Well, nothing unexpected there.

General life stuff:
Waking up hungry is wonderful compare to this last year. Regaining sensation all over the body, including lungs, sides and shoulders. Numbness or deadened sensitivity means you can hurt yourself without knowing it until its too late (which I’ve done before with my back and certainly now with my arm re: carpal tunnel). By the way: I am defeating carpal tunnel syndrome one armpit stretch at a time. It’s an instant fix for the tingles, and now I need to work on posture and strengthen the muscles around the tight problem area. Knowing what to do is a chunky half of the battle. It’s working!

Job hunt is hopeful, several interviews, visits, an orientation… It’s getting close. It won’t feel real until that first in-hand paycheck. Tenacity.



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