Monday Monsters

How do you get motivated on the first day of the week?

Either a guarded sacred moment or an exasperating reminder of mortality, the Monday is an interesting invention that I don’t necessarily prescribe to. But if the week must start, it must start somewhere.

Personally, Sunday is ‘leftover’ day for me. The extra time after whatever has happened on Saturday and whatever I need to do to get ready for Monday. Planning things on Sunday is ridiculous unless it is pure leisure. Thusly, my D&D sessions hold Sunday as its preferred area.

That makes it difficult to work on the weekends, but honestly the time on Sunday helps prepare for the beginning of the week. Because Mondays are the day everyone has trouble getting going. If you work that hyper-traditional 9-5 it IS GRUELING and IS TIRING and you have my respect. With the opportunity I have, my Mondays are personal now. I need them to kickstart my own life work for the week, and address what I may encounter and what I plan to do. Without the open time at my desk, sometimes I don’t get around to projects or plans for months. MONTHS. Stuff gets buried and enveloped unless I have this weekly preparation and cleaning. So I make it a point to do a sort of Monster Monday activity, where I find something big, or wild, or weird and boundary-riding in my life and I do something with it head on! (Today is my personal life Budget. Yeah. A big monster indeed.)

Tuesday runs much easier after that. Currently I am thankful for my shift in the evening, allowing me to recover any weird sleep schedule discouragement that may have occurred. The week goes by relatively smoothly with this. This works. Even if I name it Terrible Tuesday, the point is sort of to head straight in to a terrible or terrifying! Face your fears, and all that. Usually it’s just the regular day-to-day things of the week.

I know things will not be permanent, and I do wish to relish the time I am spending now. Good coffee, good pay, good friends, good family, good space, good sounds, good food, and good feelings. Especially after a few years of turmoil, this is really nice.

Even for a Monday!

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