Slide right on in…!

Spring’s been interesting. Change is indeed possible.

Working through things that seem like small roadblocks turned into whirlpools of detail. Most of my artistic development currently has to do with whether or not I can STOP doing an activity. Yes, seems trivial to some people. This is mostly about decision making, and deciding which moment to call it good. Big problems here, that are getting solved bit by bit.

A commissioner had to be brutally honest with me, and that helped a ton. Learning not to overwork my ink stage, and just let things be. Which is hard when you’re the only one behind the wheel! Still, it is about discipline and that is the thing I am trying to foster here. Not exorbitant subjects or strange concepts, just. Some consistency.

I need to data document, I am sorry I haven’t been as visually present here. I have lots of pictures and videos from journeys and explorations that I want to share properly! You have probably heard this before…