Spring today, just in time after Gross Illness

SO much mucus! It’s a lot to handle. I’m just at the tail end of this nasty bug season. It lasted the whole winter, it was incredible.

Updates. New car stick-shift is under control, but not before I took it out to Canada and back. Driving up to Vancouver wasn’t as relaxing as I would have hoped, but hey. The traffic gave me a long tutoring lesson on the clutch. Also the hills. By golly, the hills…

Otherwise, Vancouver was alright! The people I met were super friendly and hospitable, and the convention was fun. It could have used a different venue, but I believe next year it will be changing. On my specific blogs elsewhere I’ll be uploading the small amount of pictures and video¬† I took while at Vancoufur! It was really in Richmond, though. I bought a ton of art and cute stuff, and now I’m broke! Classic.

Right afterwords pretty much, Sage’s birthday rolled around. My wonderful partner of nine years, they turned 25 on the day of Caesar’s death and immediately continued panicking about their final schoolwork portfolio. As always they succeeded and as always they couldn’t believe it and crashed mega hard in the next couple days hereafter. It was cute. <3 Now, I get to spend time with them! Break time!

On break, the plans are as follows:

  • Start and tend the garden
  • Clean and Clear and Begin Craft Supplies and Project
    • Fursuit
    • Mends
    • Soldering
  • Bicycle
  • Camp
  • Write

No clue how it will happen. I have scheduled some things out in my NEW SKETCHJOURNAL which I am very Excited about because I have never been sketchbook clear until now, with just one at the extent! It’s very exciting, and convenient so far. Pocket books. Folding space. Playing with memory and revisitation. Hopefully!

Cheers <3

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