Studio Eval for Spring 2019

Working has hit some snags this April, and most of them have to do with all the time I spend getting ready and cleaning up after I’m done. I need ergonomics, as well as efficiency, which I had discounted until recently. I’m taking the proper time now to evaluate and scrupulously organize my supplies and materials. Eh. As best as I can. The problem is I have two studios… Craft, and Computer. And I have very little space. Consolidation is happening.

I’ve been erasing and scrubbing some emotional smudges out of myself. Mostly about my work! Including the thoughts “I should be able to work like this, I have the resources, I have a space. I should make use of what I have.” And this is a trap. This is a ridiculous self-sabotage that I had not realized I had been doing, because I had been giving the importance to the physical objects, and I had been thinking of the purpose of these objects to be more important than my use of them.

Willpower is a limiting reactant.

I’ve tried my best to be consistent, and so far it’s happening. Phew! Gotta give myself a tiny bit of credit. Feed myself breadcrumbs, you know. Snacking on happiness when I can.