The Garden

While my porch garden has been somewhat of a neglectful experiment on my part, the Pea Patch garden plot my partner and I are working on has been THRIVING. I am so excited for the corn to grow up tall!

Sage has been interested in where things come from ever since I’ve known her, and now after a class on Food Sovereignty at TESC she has taken the initiative to manage and grow a food plot at the neighborhood community garden. It looks wonderful and she’s had commendable success. The old-timer experienced local even commented on how well it was doing! 😀

Here are some progress photos:

The Very Beginning! We just had some onions lying around for it, and had seeded the lettuce, spinach and carrots about a few days before. The single strawberry plant was leftover from last year.

Baby onions from above, strawb, the lettuce and the spinach.



Around a week later…


We put up the poles for BEANS which I love to watch grow.

You can see more close-ups here of the spinach, carrot, lettuce and corn sprout progress. She kept seedlings of the corn and then transferred them because they needed extra care.


Time passes…


Boom! Beans!

And LOVELY progress on the carrots and lettuce’s part. This is where she got nervous about the corn..

But look at this HOLY MOLY we have lettuce, spinach, carrots all shooting up. Onions are hearty fellows and I had no doubt in them whatsoever. But these corn and bean boys look fantastic! Sage is pleased about the corn.

And that’s where we are so far! The leafy greens are excelling, and she is out at the patch as I write this.

Next year, I hope to plan much more scrupulous timekeeping and will probably keep a physical journal on hand just to track things down as they come up.

That’s all for now! Ciao!~

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