weekending the sketchbook

Up in Seattle at the parents, although it’s been mostly myself today.

Some open contemplating with all this social space. Payroll foraging has yielded a couple of interviews and no call backs, but the momentum is still there. Thank goodness for my meds that keep me from ramping up too much and dipping down too far, I can tell two or three years ago it would be very different.

So now, in this middle period, I am boring myself staying inside on a rainy day. Did the usual: video game, reading, hot bath with podcast, and finally exhausting those (until my eyes feel the screen squeeze) I began drawing in the sketchbook.

High school was so much more productive in terms of illustration but now I realize it was definitely a coping mechanism. Now I am far more intentional in my drawing and not trying to ape different styles or redraw specific creations with my own twist. There aren’t things in mind as I just start sketching shapes. But the wave shape always comes out somewhere early.

The sideways /S/, the flow illustration. Better than a circle, but usually has some circles around it, or contrasting triangles. Starting simple and building things together was never something I used to do. Now, it’s a staple. It brings out dynamic stances and helps avoid stiff overly-structured figures.

My current sketchbook is also digital and the digital segments are versatile in size, and play with color and digital brush materials, layering, and effects. Just files named [date][sketchbook] or the reverse. The analog one I have is about 3.5×5 inches, soft cover, from Pentalic. Great for being mobile as well as comfortable. It is small for convenience and this changes the drawing style. I now also use it just to write out notes for life, for what happens to me. Much more freeing to have an open place to draw arrows and diagrams, freeing the words into creatures in motion rather than lines and lines in an order.

Looking back over the pages is something I’ve always had trouble with, studying, my sketchbooks, revisiting ideas. I’ve had a linear mentality with my work, but currently…. I have much much much to go back and revisit and bring up. Redrawing is important. It is how we live our memories.

There are a few drawings that hold emotions and give bodily form to idea that have extended across my life that I’m looking forward to sifting through.

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