When the day is slow, the play is slow.

Man, I wish I was playing video games. Says the person who isn’t a gamer.

Spending hours at the mall sure is something. I talk to people who come from hours away to get things, I talk to locals, I see the same people and have the same conversations, and I’m seeing what the small differences are.

It’s social. I feel like I’m a member of a community much more than when I was living in Seattle. But I guess I didn’t have the kind of access to the world back in the past that I do now as an adult. Perspective. I’m talking to people nearly nonstop at work when they are here, and I have to adjust a lot of communication skills for each conversation. Some of it is tricky, some of it is instinctual, and some of it is downright confusing. Needless to say, I now have some pretty good emotional and social barriers I can put up in defense if anything goes south. Although all of this is super distracting, and my head is swirling with people and lights and pop music by the end of each day. Except slow days like this.

But yeah. I have some art work to do. I just moved my studio from a cramped corner so perhaps tonight I will engage in some….. Artistic Making. Just pump some tunes and spend time with the iPad, the sketchbook, maybe even the music. We’ll see. I may move my desk over somewhere else. It too, is cramped.

Besides that, I have to start eating better. Now that things are settled down I gotta work on my diet and exercise. The two best prescriptions besides sleep. Meal prep is going to be interesting. That means I gotta clear room in my fridge.

Or maybe I’ll just paint my nails and call it good.