Woo!! Jumping out of my skin!

Hey all! It’s January! It’s been cold, but not as cold as November was, for some reason. Maybe that means camping! Yeah right. Regardless: the thaw is real, and I feel it in my soul. Life is looking up. Progress is real. Things change. I’m excited for the future.

New developments:

Sage is going to college! Oh boy is it rough, are things UNfinalized, and nearly EVERYTHING is up in the air. But at least it’s started. Gosh I’m so excited! They’re learning about food sovereignty and the power dynamics that result from discrepancies in the current food retail system we have and it’s super inspiring and energizing to finally have them pursuing their goals!!! :DDD

As for myself, I’m a busy bee at the 9-5 (more like 9-3) and my job is consistent and super fulfilling right now! Still prefer to keep the taxpaying info and the artistic info separate, so if you want to ask me about how things are going, just text me or hit me up on twitter! But regardless, the consistency is something I love. My coworkers are great, the place is small and comfortable, and I feel like I’m on the path to supporting myself. And I get to sit down when it gets slow, which is an incredible blessing. I’m super thankful.

My comics are bubbling. There are a couple that are about to pop up and explode this year I can feel it. My strip comic collaborating with Jackadoki, my fantasy comic, and my zine. The fantasy one will take some more time to write but I’m so excited to draft that as a comic. I might play around with the format for that one, I don’t know yet.

Writing and reading is another gamut entirely. Now I have consistent days off. Sunday morning, Monday evening, I have time to engage my word brain. I have a delicious stack to get going on…. oooooOOOO!

My home life is a bit salty. Things are changing and I hope everyone is taken care of, but there are some troublesome things I must work out. After that, I should be literally, locked in to launch towards ultimate positivity.

I want to launch sooooo badly!!! By this I mean enact my plans: saving and future life trajectories. Ca-caw! Or as the raven says, Curohh, curohh! I am very thankful for the immense monetary support my parents and extended family have given me in all of this. I wouldn’t’ve been able to do this without you.

Maintaining the Old:

Holiday is over and my D&D group is coalescing again! I hope to continue the story of Angii the Bard and the Gold & Silver boars along with my party member’s own legacies!

I’m getting cuter every day (tee hee) and its gonna get even better now that the gym is back open for the quarter. I want to upload my workout routine to share and help bolster others who are also trying to improve themselves. Now if I could just figure out how to cook and eat regularly…

Crafts and things are back burner right now. I’m not sure I have the space to do all that I want to do, or rather, the cleaning routine to maintain a workable environment. Bleh! But I have: pottery, soldering, sewing, carving, and general multimedia plans for the future.

I’ve wanted to re-up on languages. I need to get back to practicing Spanish, German, and to a certain extent Chinese. TBH I can’t stand the PRC but would love to visit Hong Kong, so I’d have to adapt for that. In the meantime, gonna revisit some books, TV shows, and other stuff in other languages. I need that part of my brain stretched again, and I need to keep growing as an international citizen.

Friends: how are you? If we haven’t gotten together in the past couple years, let me know. My schedule is now much more solid. Want to meet over a cup of hot coffee or tea or cocoa and catch up? Let me know. Miss you!

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